Police Fraud Department investigating major credit card fraud

At present there are five persons arrested and incarcerated in connection with credit card fraud. The suspects in question are from the Dominican Republic and were arrested on different dates while busy shopping, using false credit cards and false identification. 

During their arrest tens of credit cards were found in the possession of the suspects and were confiscated. These credit cards are mainly, American Express Cards (AMEX), Visa card, Master card, Debit cards, all from different banks.

Thus far the investigation indicates that:

– The information on the authentic credit card is skimmed and false credit cards are


– The false information, the falsely made credit cards and identification cards are

posted “for sale” on the Internet.

– The stolen information of all types of credit cards could be bought.

– The name on one of these credit cards is not that of the cardholder.

– The false credit cards and identification cards are bought and or made by persons

in the Dominican Republic and other Latin countries in the region.

– Persons from the Dominican Republic and other Latin countries in the region are

traveling to the island specifically to shop using these false credit cards,

identification cards and passports.

– The false credit cards are mainly used at the different car rentals, hotels, jewelry

stores, electronic and computer stores and travel agents on the island.

– Very expensive items and jewelry are purchased and these persons then use their

authentic identification or other persons to leave the island with the goods.

– The credit card companies and banks know of this ongoing phenomenon.

As a result hereof, the Fraud Department wants to emphasize on all businesses to be very attentive when a purchase is being made with use of a credit card. The credit card and identification card should be thoroughly checked.

– If the transaction becomes suspicious the Credit Card Company or bank should be

immediately called for verification.

– Ask the client for a passport or another identification card.

– If the first payment with a credit card does not succeed, do not accept another

credit card from the client.

This press release by the police is mainly to inform all businesses and to make the entire community aware of this ongoing phenomenon. These types of criminal activities are major concerns of the police and have high priority.

Any one having any information in connection with this investigation, have become a victim of this type of crime and want to file an official report can do by contacting the Fraud Department by dialing 54-22222 ext. 212 or 213.