Minister Jacobs meets with officials from Landstede ROC Zwolle


The Minister of Education, Culture Youth and Sports Hon. Silveria Jacobs visited the Landstede ROC in Zwolle on Wednesday.

The Minister, accompanied by Study Financing representative Yolanda Martina and Senior Policy Advisor Antonio Aventurin met with Rob van Kessel from the Board of the Landstede organization.

Student Housing Coordinator Conchita Hugooschift and Project Manager Caribisch Nederland Margriet Leest were also part of the Landstede delegation.

The Minister and her delegation explored the various avenues for innovative and practical education at Landstede.

In addition a keen interest was expressed for the manner in which student housing is organized by Landstede.  ROC Landstede Zwolle is offering St. Maarten students a complete package which includes housing, guidance and extra support with the Dutch language.
The school’s strength stems from a labor market approach to learning. Their practical classrooms have been integrated into mini businesses. Students will learn and work at the schools as well as in the business community. Several new businesses were born under the student entrepreneurship program.

Minister Jacobs and the delegation were rather impressed with the facilities, programs and approach used by ROC Landstede Zwolle.

Further discussions will be held to come to a cooperation agreement which would facilitate St. Maarten’s students both in the Netherlands and St. Maarten.

After the visit to Landstede the Minister and her delegation travelled to Den Haag for a meeting at the Ministry of Education Culture and Science.