Hepatitis: It’s closer than you think


 Viral hepatitis kills about one million people every year.  In addition, an estimated 500 million people experience chronic illness from their infection with hepatitis.  It is a major cause of liver cancer and liver cirrhosis.

Viral hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver.  The vast number of people infected with hepatitis are unaware they have it.  There are five hepatitis viruses.  People can get hepatitis from either infected bodily fluids or contaminated food and water depending on the type of hepatitis.
Saturday marked World Hepatitis day under the theme, “Hepatitis: It’s closer than you think.”  The World Health Organization (WHO) has urged governments to strengthen efforts to fight viral hepatitis.
The Ministry of Public Health, Social Development & Labour, says that despite its staggering toll on health, hepatitis remains a group of diseases that are largely unknown, undiagnosed and untreated.
Section General Public Health (SGPH) of Collective Prevention Services (CPS), an agency of the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development & Labour, is advising the public to check out the Government Information Page (GIP) that will contain information throughout the week about the different forms of hepatitis; what they are and how they are transmitted; who is at risk; and the various methods of prevention and treatment.