Civil Registry Dept. Calls on Parents and Guardians to Acquire ID Cards for 12-year-olds & older

Head of the Civil Registry Department Leona Romeo-Marlin is calling on parents and guardians to use the last two weeks of the school summer holiday period to acquire Identification cards (ID) for 12-year olds and older.

The law requires persons 12-years and older to carry an Identity Document wherever they go.  During controls by law enforcement agencies, one is required to present some form of Identification and the ID card is the best document as it is easy to carry around.
The costs for an ID card for first time applicants who are Dutch nationals is Naf.15 ages 0-17, and the parent/guardian must bring to the department the child’s passport or birth certificate; first time applicants for non-Dutch nationals Naf.15 ages 0-17, and the parent/guardian must bring along a valid residence permit and passport.
Persons requiring additional information can call the Civil Registry Department at 542-2457.