Joint Mosquito Control Project Underway

Section General Public Health (SGPH) announces that an evaluation is currently underway of a joint project between the mosquito control units of the North and South sides of the island.

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On May 14 mosquito traps were set-up at the port facility in Point Blanche and three at the port facility in Marigot on May 15. The traps on both sides were controlled and reset on May 29 and 30. On June 19 and 20 the traps were once again controlled and reset.

The objective of the project is to identify breeding locations at the harbor and also to identify the type of mosquito’s circulating on the island.

The aim of surveillance is to detect as early as possible the presence of Aedes Albopictus on St Martin / Sint Maarten, in order to trigger the control measures to prevent the development of the CHICKUNGUNYA Fever on the island.

The monitoring device is a network consisting of sentinel ovitraps targeted Aedes albopictus.
Furthermore, Article 22 of the International Health Regulations requires ports and international airports remain free of vectors

The collected eggs and mosquito larvae and pupa, are studied at the French Mosquito Lab on the North side and then shipped to Guadeloupe for final analysis. The project is scheduled to conclude at the end of 2012.

Four representatives, two from the North and two from the South will receive revised training with respect to vector control.