Minister De Weever on “E-Health” visit to the Netherlands

Minister of Public Health Social Development & Labor, Cornelius De Weever is part of a delegation that left St. Maarten over the weekend for the Netherlands on an eHealth road trip. 

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The purpose of the trip is to gain insight into various topics and applications regarding eHealth and its relation to eGovernment.
According to Minister de Weever the road trip “will create more vision into various e-topics that will bring St. Maarten into a next era of government-citizen relationships that are more efficient, hence less costly, but also more transparent thereby enabling the government to become more knowledgeable and having faster response times or taking preventive measures to mitigate social issues.”
The St. Maarten delegation started its eHealth road trip on July 9th in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The delegation consists of Minister Cornelius de Weever; senior policy advisor of the Cabinet of the Minister of Finance, Xavier Blackman and representatives of the Social and Health Insurances institute (‘SZV’) Dennis Richardson and Reginald Willemsberg. The road trip is organized by KPMG, headed by R. Begina and R. Pieters.
eHealth’s focus is on integrated care for patients, improvement of health services, reimbursement systems and gaining insight in public health information. eGovernment’s focus is on improvement of customer service and the interaction with citizens, for example the handling of requests for pensions, payment of taxes and social premiums. The trip ends July 13 and the delegation will meet with leading organizations in these fields such as the Dutch Tax Office, Dutch SVB, Friesland Insurance company, healthcare providers, Kadaster and data processing companies.
In the Netherlands numerous applications have been implemented to facilitate the various sectors to become more efficient and transparent. As such, the government is now more able to have insight in social developments and citizens have increasing participation, insight or say in for instance healthcare developments.