SHTA concerned about continuity of Tourism Promotion

The SHTA is concerned about the impact of structural changes within the Ministry of Tourism. 

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Although SHTA has yet to meet with Minister Pantophlet, we are confident that he has all the best intentions for St. Maarten and the industry. The SHTA is disappointed in the recent announcements regarding the sudden departure of the Tourism Director and concerned that lack of continuity for several of the changes over the past 12 months may have a detrimental impact on the tourism performance and by default the economy as a whole. Changes ranging from staff changes but also fundamental branding and strategy changes could weaken the tourism industry in St. Maarten.  It was also disclosed recently that several representative contracts are due for renewal and should the renewal of these contracts not occur in a timely manner, there may be even wider implications for the ongoing promotion of the island.
Recent statistics show, with a 14.5 % Hotel room and Time-share occupancy increase,that the Hospitality sector performance improved this past high season.  Additionally, while certainly leaving room for improvement, there are indications that despite weak global economy future prospects were encouraging. Relationships with strategic partners have improved.
This "volatility" is exactly the reason that the SHTA has been advocating for the St. Maarten Tourism Authority or STA for more than 10 years.
Tourism is still St Maarten’s primary revenue generator for our economy. The STA is a joint public private sector entity, a structure increasingly common in the Caribbean on islands like Bahamas and Aruba, popular because it improves the responsiveness and effectiveness of the marketing of destinations. And because of the board structure, the organization is much less volatile and less influenced by political upheavals.