Prime Minister Attends Various Faith-based Initiatives

Faith-based groups are important and necessary in our Community

The Prime Minister of St. Maarten has supported various faith-based initiatives over the past week, highlighting her Cabinet’s commitment to encourage faith-based initiatives within the community of St. Maarten.

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 On Wednesday the Prime Minister officially opened the Seventh Day Adventist Regional Festival of Laity by encouraging all present to uphold the values and morals that are so important in building a strong community for St. Maarten. “In all of the changes that our society is going through it is the individual which remains constant. I say this because it does not matter how strong you are, how much influence you may appear to have; it does not matter what leadership position you hold; there is always a time where you need to be encouraged and supported in what you believe in. You sometimes need to be encouraged in that what you are doing is right,” commented the Prime Minister.
The Prime Minister also attended the New Testament Baptist Church’s celebration of two of their most appreciated and loved pastors early Sunday. “This morning I am at here where the congregation is acknowledging the work of two beloved pastors, giving appreciation for the people and the things we have in our lives.
The Prime Minister also attended the opening of There is so much that we as St. Maarteners should be grateful and appreciative for we should realize what we are grateful fry to be living here on St. Maarten, and as Christians in particular we have a lot to be grateful for, “ continued the Prime Minister.
The Prime Minister also opened the Christian Faith’s Ministry ‘Love Kitchen’ in Dutch Quarter were less fortunate residents of that district are able to get a hot plate of food due to the Church’s Efforts.
“All faith based groups are facing tremendous challenges in these difficult times,” commented the Prime Minister,  “but it is the faithful that are foundation of these churches. The faithful continuously show that they are committed and supportive and show that what they are doing is right and necessary in this community.  We were reminded on Wednesday when the earth shook that while we can as much as we can it is God who commands. We must have faith and move forward in our dedication and support the faith based organizations which form such an integral part of this community”, ended the Prime Minister.