Prime Minister Helps Launch ICWI Road Angels Policy

“There is a need for affordable insurance options for the people of St. Maarten”


The Prime Minister of St. Maarten helped launch the new Road Angels Insurance Policy from the Insurance Company of the West Indies (ICWI) on Friday. The Road Angels Insurance Policy is a premier, ladies only, comprehensive vehicle insurance Policy that protects against third party damage, fire, theft and collision.

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“I need to confess that when the promotion for this particular launch was ongoing, I looked at it somewhat from a distance and I thus wondered if you were referring to all of the women on St. Maarten as Road Angels, which I of course think they are. However on a more serious note I would like to congratulate ICWI with this venture,” commented the Prime Minister.
The Prime minister continued by stating that she believes that on St. Maarten there is a need to able to offer the people commodities that are necessary, innovative and competitive, “There is a need for affordable insurance options for the people of St. Maarten. Insurance is necessary and we have seen that, especially after having encountered our bout of natural disasters that many persons on St. Maarten have to make the choice of being able to afford insurance or not being able to afford insurance. And so with the element of this particular product you are offering us a choice. We all hope for nothing to happen but something will always happen as the law of Murphy has thought all of us.
The Prime Minister concluded by wishing ICWI and the new Road Angels Policy well.