Transformer failure at GEBE Power Plant leads to island wide outage

The island suffered a brief total blackout at 1.18 pm. The protection mechanism of one of the transformers that powers the GEBE power plant was activated as a result of an overcurrent. This resulted in an abrupt shutting down of all the production units in order to safeguard the power plant.


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GEBE technicians were able to quickly locate and solve the problem. Part of the load from the faulty transformer was transferred to another transformer, and the technicians quickly initiated the startup sequence to bring the plant back online.

Affected customers were kept up to date via the GEBE Facebook page and SMS service. All areas were back online by 2:45 pm.

To receive updates via the GEBE SMS service or GEBE Facebook page simply visit GEBE’s website or respectively.

NV GEBE apologizes for any inconvenience this has caused.