Hoyer in Business goes Caribbean: Live broadcast from Sint Maarten

For the first time in its two year’s existence, the entrepreneurial radio talk show from Curaçao, Hoyer in Business, will broadcast from Sint Maarten on Thursday 28th of June, from 17:30 to 19:00 hrs. In this weekly radio show the hosts, media experts and entrepreneurs Clifton Wallé and Jefka Martha-Alberto, interview other entrepreneurs and people from the business community. The radio talk just launched its fanpage facebook/HoyerInBusiness, where it’s raking up ‘likes’ at an impressive rate.


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In May producer Gwenny Visser of Radio Hoyer together with the hosts took the show to the next level by introducing "Hoyer in Business goes Caribbean" with Insel Air. "Hoyer in Business goes Caribbean" will broadcast regularly from various destinations of Insel Air, such as Aruba, Colombia, Miami, Charlotte, Surnam, Caracas, Valencia, Las Piedras i Medellin. The first destination was Bonaire, which the crew visited in May. Now it’s the turn of the friendly island of Sint Maarten.  

The radio show, consisting of four fixed sections, will have a number of guests. In the first section, "Den ADREI", the hosts will welcome the president of the Chamber of Commerce, Arthur Bute. Next will follow several Curaçao entrepreneurs, who will share their experiences of doing business in Sint Maarten. "Den SALA" will be Kurt and Valeska Luckert of the Palapa Marina. "Den BALKON" Zaida Urvina of Travel Planners is interviewed, followed in "Riba STUPI" by Bernardo de Castro of Print 2000.


On June 28, Hard Rock Café on the Boardwalk will be the broadcast location of Hoyer in Business. It will also be a meeting place for entrepreneurs from Curaçao and Sint Maarten where they will mingle, do business and just have a good time. After the show, starting 19:00 hrs., DJ Ruby will add a musical note to the gathering.