Voices President Visits Minister Jacobs In Celebration Of Emancipation Day 2012

"You are Greatness, you came from Greatness"


President of VOICES , Ms Nkosazana Illis, made a courtesy visit to the Minister of Culture , Ms. Silveria Jacobs on Tuesday June 19th 2012 inviting her, family and Ministry to the July 1 Emancipation Day celebration. The Minister was also given a brief description and objectives of VOICES Foundation. The Minister was much honored and pledged her support to the event.

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VOICES will be hosting a celebration in honor of Emancipation Day on Sunday July 1 at the Emilio Wilson Park. The celebration themed" You are Greatness, You came from Greatness", will be highlighted by history, poetry, music, dance and storytelling. Entrepreneurs will also be giving a recount of their successful business evolution and activities are planned for children throughout the day.

The organizers of this event hope to make it a fun-filled day with family at its centerfold and where parents can bring their children to the park and relax while enjoying the festivities.

The official program will be hosted by ‘Thomas’ from "Under the Sandbox Tree" along with St. Martin’s award winning musical icon, Shadow man, followed by cultural entertainment by St.Martin’s finest young and vibrant entertainers .

Food and drinks will be on sale. However the organizers highly recommend visitors to bring along a blanket because the event is picnic style. The park will be open from 2.00Pm until 8.00 Pm- Entrance is free of charge.

The theme of the day is "You are Greatness, you came from Greatness", with the purpose of educating the youth about their ancestral past and enlightening them about their value to society." By teaching them these values, VOICES is determined to eliminate the negativity and violence today amongst the youth" stated President of VOICES, Ms. Nkosazana Illis.

VOICES is a "Grassroots" Foundation which bears the name Victory-Over-Injustice-Consciously-Eliminating-Silence.

The objective of the Foundation is to combat all forms of abuse and violence through awareness, empowerment and prevention.

For further information, please contact President of VOICES, Ms. Nkosazana Illis at 721-524-2103 or visit us on Facebook under VOICES