Prime Minister attends Launching of Voice of Our Children Inspirational CD

There will be that longing for St. Maarten and we all hope that they do that with the intention to come back to the island well equipped

The Prime Minister on Saturday attended the Launch of the Voice of Our Children CD at the Philipsburg Jubilee Library on Saturday. 

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The CD is specifically made for students who have travelled abroad and may be faced with challenges and homesickness while studying in foreign countries. The Prime Minister congratulated all of those involved in the production of the cd which comes at a very opportune moment when in a few weeks quite a number of St. Maarten students will be leaving the shores of the island to go to different countries to pursue their studies. "It is always a big step in the lives of the students and indeed of their parents and family when they have to leave the shores of St Maarten to go away and study. Some of the students that go away to study leave quite young so it is with a sense of some trepidation that parents see them go and the only thing that we can do is to talk to them and wish them best and support them as much as we can while they are abroad. It is a fact that once they are there they are called to make choices of their own in their studies and in their social life and I am sure that they will be thinking back on St. Maarten where things seemed so much easier surrounded by people who care for them and who they can turn to for advice," commented the Prime Minister.

"There will be that longing for St. Maarten but these students have taken that decision to go abroad and study and we all hope that they do that with the intention to come back to the island well equipped to add to the young people who have gone away and come back after achieving their study goals. So congratulations to the Voice of Our Children Foundation with this project and may they continue to do so many positive things with and for the youth of St. Maarten. You have made a difference in so many young lives on this island," concluded the Prime Minister.