Minister of Public Health visits Baby Clinic

Minister of Public Health Social Development & Labor Cornelius De Weever paid a visit to the newly opened Baby Wellness Clinic on Brouwers Road 6A behind Fatum Insurances to get a first-hand view of what opening day was like. By 12PM on opening day the two nurses had already seen 26 babies.


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The response of those visiting the clinic for the first time was very positive, although there is still work to be done to the new location. Presently the two nurses have their own space, which offers the much needed privacy that the customers have been longing for.

"I believe the new location is centrally located and more convenient for our customers, although there is still some work to be done by the Departments of Public Works and Facility Services, but in the meantime the staff is busy offering the services of the Baby Wellness Clinic in a private and personal manner," said Minister De Weever.

Minister De Weever further stated that he is looking forward to the official opening once all pending matters has been resolved.

The Baby Wellness Clinic has been housed at the Vineyard Office Park for some time now, but space and easy accessibility has been a problem, so a new location was sought for the clinic. The clinic is open five days a week Monday-Friday from 8AM-12:30PM and from 1:30PM to 4:30PM. For more information, please call 559-2333.