Students make end-of-term visits to local telecom provider – TelEm

Students from the Sr. Marie Laurence school in Middle Region and from the St. Joseph Primary School on Frontstreet visited TelEm Group’s main building on Pond Island earlier this month to learn all they can about their local telecommunication provider.The Students received special guest treatment and guided tours to all parts of the company’s operations and even got a peek at some of the company’s latest switches and computer hardware.


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On behalf of St. Joseph School teacher Mary Bary and student Princess Priest thanked the management and staff of TelEm Group for taking time out our their busy schedules to make them feel welcome.

According to teachers Sarah Pieraerts and Ajit Persaud of the Sr. Marie Laurence school, the students chose to visit TelEm Group because of their interest in all things telecom.

"Our students live in a world of BB and social networking and they wanted to take a look behind the scene to see how TelEm makes it all happen," said Teacher Pieraerts, after also thanking TelEm Group management and staff for being sociable hosts.

Both schools thanked their TelEm Group "tour guides", Jed Carty and Margariet Jacobs for their kind assistance.