Privacy agreement signed

On June 7th various parties have placed their signature under a privacy agreement.


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The concerned parties are: the Dutch Caribbean Youth Care and Family Court of Guardianship, including organizations subsidized by the Ministry of Health, Welfare & Sport (VWS), Centre for Youth & Family Bonaire, Foundation Expertise Centre Education Care Bonaire, Compulsory Education Officer, Court of Guardianship BES, Dutch Caribbean Rehabilitation Foundation, Dutch Caribbean Police Force (including the bureau of aid to victim’s), Public Prosecutor Office BES, Dutch Caribbean Penitentiary Institution, FORMA Foundation, medical specialists and medical doctors Fundashon Mariadal, FACT team Foundation for addictions and psychiatry and Krusada Foundation.

The agreement is formulated to facilitate the mutual exchange of information in a thorough and legal manner. Exchange of this information is necessary in order to be able to work well around clients and to harmonize care, help and support well. During the meeting Commissioner James Kroon (who substituted for Commissioner Sylvana Serfilia) has expressed his appreciation for the joint effort which has been demonstrated. He sees this agreement as the crowning of the cooperation between the organizations. All parties have signed the agreement on the spot under the watchful eye of Leo Tigges, liaison for the Ministry of Security and Justice with the Dutch Caribbean.

His predecessor, Mariette Horstink, is the founder of this agreement. With the signing, the agreement goes into effect and parties will adhere to the procedures described therein which supports them in the cooperation.