Arrindell recommends quarterly report of Parlatino to Central Committee

PHOTO CUTLINE: Left to right, second from left President of Parliament Hon. Gracita Arrindell, MP Hon. Romain Laville, MP Hon. Roy Marlin, and second from right MP Hon. Patrick Illidge standing with other MPs in Ecuador at a Parlatino meeting.


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President of Parliament Hon. drs. Gracita Arrindell says she will recommend that Members of Parliament (MPs) who attend Latin American Parliament (Parlatino) meetings, prepare a quarterly report for the Central Committee and to also present the results of the meetings to the people of the country.

"Our parliament joined Parlatino in 2010 and MPs sit on a number of committees. They also attend meetings on a regular basis and I think with respect to transparency and open government, it would be an opportunity for MPs to inform the people in the setting of a plenary session about the issues they discussed and how our country can benefit from this and what steps will be taken in this direction," President of Parliament Hon. drs. Gracita Arrindell said on Wednesday.

This issue was discussed in a presidium meeting in the past and a proposal will be sent to the Central Committee of Parliament within short.

Arrindell’s last Parlatino meeting that she attended was in Cuenca, Ecuador back in May, which was an Executive Board meeting where she signed the meetings final conclusion points. The President of Parliament attends the Junta Directiva meetings.

"It is very important to be part of this group as the issues that are dealt with also have a bearing on the development of our own country.

"The rights of self-determination and autonomy were debated and these are current affairs for us when we look at recently achieving country status within the Kingdom of the Netherlands only short 19-months ago.

"In one session the discussion was about expanding autonomy of small communities. Sint Maarten as a country can relate to this and can expound on our own experience. As a country we can make a meaningful contribution at this hemispheric forum as we are in a unique geographical position.

"95 per cent of the sessions are in Spanish so one has to be well grounded in this language. One of the issues discussed in my last meeting related to Argentina and the Falkland Islands of Great Britain with respect to oil rights etc," President of Parliament Hon. Gracita Arrindell said on Wednesday.

MPs are represented on the following Parlatino committees: Economic Affairs, Social Debt and Regional Development; Citizen Safety, Combat and Prevention of Narco-Traffic, Terrorism and Organized Crime; Education, Culture, Science, Technology and Communication; Health; Human Rights, Justice and Prison Policies; Gender Equity, Childhood and Youth; Agriculture, Cattle Raising and Fishery; Environment and Tourism; Labor, Social and Legal Affairs; and Energy and Mines.

MPs who were also present in Ecuador for meetings were MP Hon. Romain Laville, MP Hon. Roy Marlin and MP Hon. Patrick Illidge.