Min S. Jacobs opens 3rd Annual Career Day


Minister Silveria Jacobs was a guest speaker at the 3rd annual Career Day for the sixth graders of Public Schools at the Senior Citizens Recreational Facility in Hope Estate on Friday May 25th upon the invitation of the School Guidance Counselors of Public Education Services.

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The ceremony was opened by a prayer, the angelic voices of the M. Genevieve de Weever School Choir and encouraging words by the Minister as well as Head of Division Public Education Services Glenderlin Davis-Holiday.

In her address Minister Jacobs applauded the School Guidance Counselors for their hard work in organizing this much needed event, which serves to give students insight into the many career possibilities available on St. Maarten. Minister Jacobs challenged the group to organize a similar event at the start of the next school year in order to motivate the new sixth graders while giving them an added boost or encouragement to set goals and strive for them from the beginning of this most important year in their school careers.

As a product of the public school system herself – the minister attended the Leonard Conner School in Cole Bay for 6 years – and has served as a class teacher, Student Care Coordinator and School Manager for Public Education for 20 years, Minister Jacobs further stressed that these students stand to gain the most from all the encouragement and push they could get from all involved, especially events such as these which saw cooperation between school and the community.

She further urged the students to strive to do their best no matter at what level they were at right now. "You can be anything you want to be if you BELIEVE, use hard work, determination and always show respect for self and others!" said Minister Jacobs. This sentiment was also highlighted by the Choir in a rendition from Yolanda Adam ‘Yes, you can’.

The students were eager and enthusiastic about the Career Day and excitedly took part, listening to the presenters and asking question of those who had taken time out of their busy schedules to give back to the youngsters. Booths were manned by the Fire Department, Department of Health and Hygiene, Ambulance Department, Coast Guard, Imbali Center for Creative Movement and the Arts as well as other organizations. Prichard Gibson showcased Photography, while Culinary Arts was represented by Sous Chef Renata de Weever who actually allowed the sixth graders to prepare a delicious meal.