TelEm Group apologizes to customers for late TelEm and TelCell bills

TelEm Group issued an apology to customers still awaiting delivery of their TelEm landline and TelCell mobile bills for March and April.

The company says due to the final transfer of TelEm Group’s old billing system to a new billing system customers are being asked to wait a little longer to receive their most current landline and mobile bills.


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"During the final stages of implementation and configuration of the new billing software we have to properly synchronize many different components of our landline and mobile networks. We are currently doing this with the assistance of the billing company responsible for installation and delivery," said TelEm Group in a release Tuesday.

"We have received numerous enquiries from customers about their current bills which we regret to say are not yet ready for delivery.

"We take this opportunity to apologize to all TelEm and TelCell customers for the delay and assure them that they will receive their current bills as soon as their bills have been processed by the new billing software," continued the TelEm Group statement.

"We ask our customers to bear with us and be patient while we complete these final stages," the company further appealed.

TelEm Group says installation of its billing software has been a very complicated and time-consuming process and the company has made it a priority to cause the least impact possible to customers during the installation, testing and now configuration stage.

The company says in order to avoid possible payment problems once bills are finally processed and delivered, customers should put funds aside to while waiting to make their telecommunication payments.

When fully installed TelEm Group’s new billing software will offer several beneficial features to customers including one bill for different services, the ability to customers to print out their own statements, and later, the ability to order services and change packages online.

Another important feature of the new billing software will be the opportunity to report service requests and make payments online.