“Saint Martin/Sint Maarten culture and politics” presented in New York

Dr. Eugene W. Grabowski, a practicing general and trauma surgeon from Vermont, USA, recently made a graduate level presentation about St. martin at the State University of New York at Albany (SUNY Albany).


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"The topic of my presentation was ‘the literature, culture and politics of Saint Martin/Sint Maarten,’ highlighting the work of Lasana Sekou and the House of Nehesi Publishers (HNP)," stated Dr. Grabowski in an email to the publisher. Sekou is published by HNP.

Dr. Grabowski, MD, FACS, is pursuing his master’s degree in French at SUNY Albany. His semester studies, which concluded with the research project and PowerPoint presentation about St. Martin on May 8, 2012, were under the direction of Prof. Eloise Briere.

Incidentally, in April, while conducting his St. Martin research, Dr. Grabowski and HNP president Jacqueline Sample had met in New York at a lecture by Mamadou Badiane, an assistant professor of Spanish at the University of Missouri. Prof. Badiane’s lecture was entitled, "Sur la redefinition des identites nationales des Antilles."