Department of Statistics (STAT) to conduct the Business Cycle Survey

The Department of Statistics (STAT) will conduct the Business Cycle Survey for the first half of 2012, starting on Monday May 7th until June 15th 2012. This survey is conducted twice per year with a purpose to collect up-to-date information on business and economic developments for industries and the business sector as a whole. Additionally, STAT hopes to capture the current opinions and expectations of entrepreneurs in the areas of economic development and the investment climate on St. Maarten.


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The survey will be conducted among all businesses with more than ten employees, and a sample is drawn for those businesses with three to ten employees.

STAT interviewers will approach and distribute the questionnaires to the businesses. Should the business require any additional assistance, a STAT interviewer will gladly provide such.

Businesses can expect questions on the level of their turnover, investments made, their competitive status and the company’s personnel situation over the year 2012. Additionally, a few questions relate to the entrepreneur’s perception on a number of indicators and his/her confidence in the St. Maarten economy during the coming period.

With this information available, government and entrepreneurs can take better, quicker and well-founded decisions. The input of the private sector in this survey will be highly appreciated and is essential for its success.

STAT therefore appeals to all businesses approached to cooperate, only then can STAT timely analyze and publish the survey results for the benefit of the government and the private sector.