Tallahassee-St. Maarten Foundation partner WTN-TV Celebrates Second Anniversary in Cable Business

The Tallahassee-St. Maarten Foundation Inc. (TLH-SXMF) Director Arthur Lugisse, and its industry partner celebrated on April 3 WTN-TV’s second anniversary combined with the CEO of The Obersi Group of Companies Alvin Obersi’s birthday celebratio 

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Described as a hard working manager of WTN-TV Channel 10, Dennis Van Putten and producer Zeilan Cisneros, celebrated with owner Alvin Obersi and staff the second anniversary of the company.

General Manager Roberto Gibbs gave an outline of how far the cable company has come during the past two years with the development of local programs on Channel 10, where viewers are getting very much needed programs from WTN-TV with respect to local and international content.

Management and staff were very happy to have the opportunity to get together to celebrate and honor the occasion of the WTN-TV and its owner’s birthday.

Obersi at the celebration thanked the whole staff of the Obersi group of companies consisting of Obersi Electronics Xerox, WTN Cable and WTN-TV for the excellent job they are doing in running the companies. He then congratulated the management and staff of WTN-TV for taking the station to new heights both technologically and through its programming that has made the popularity of the station grow exponentially over the past two years.

The owner looked at the on-going success while the station expands to the French side by way of MSR6 and soon to be in Statia and Saba, Arthur Lugisse said on Wednesday.

"The owner and management will make WTN-TV the number one station to see on St.Maarten and the neighbouring islands. The station has already developed a large viewing audience in the Latin community, based on the news noticias and Spanish language programming by Reynaldo Urena," Arthur Lugisse concluded.