Minister Arrindell Receives Soccer Training Program Presentation

Mr. Morris Chrobotek of Freestyle Soccer/Football made a presentation of his football training program to the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs Dr. Rhoda Arrindell on Wednesday.


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Chrobotek briefly introduced the objectives of his program, which he sees as a door-opener for many things, including marketing, entertainment, and tourism promotion. According to Chrobotek, the aim of the program, which would be tailor-made to suit the needs of St. Martin, is to create a World of Soccer, in which various aspects of the sport would be worked on. He explained that the final program would depend on what already exists on the island and what is agreed to "amicably" to move forward.

Attending the presentation were also members of the Sports Department and the St. Maarten Soccer Education Foundation. Representatives of the St. Maarten Soccer Association, who were also invited, did not show up. Attendees were also able to ask questions from one of Chrobotek’s associates, Steve Elias, who joined the meeting via phone.

This training program is one of many which the Ministry is evaluating in order to assist with the elevation of sports on the island.