Armed robberies in St.Peters/ Suspects arrested

On Wednesday April 25th at approximately 08.00 p.m. and in a matter of minutes two supermarkets namely the Man Chung Supermarket on the L.B. Scot road and the Ho Supermarket on the Sint Peters road were robbed at gunpoint by a group of for men dressed completely in dark clothing. At least one of these robbers had a gun in his possession. They robbed both supermarkets and fled in the direction of Prins Willem Alexander School. The investigating officers surrounded the area after been informed that the suspects were hiding at a house next to the Prins Willem Alexander School. An acting prosecutor was called in to conduct a search of the house in question. During a search of the premises a gun, the clothing, mask and money that were stolen were found and confiscated. At the home three men with the initials R.M., J.M. and J.F. were arrested as suspects in this case. They were all taken to the police station and put into custody for further investigation by the Special Robbery Unit.

The Police department wants to commend those concerned citizens of Sint Peters who have been so instrumental in the capture of these suspects.


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