TelEm Group Urges Safe Sex Practice in Heat of Carnival 2012

TelEm Group is delivering a "Safe Sex" message during carnival 2012 by distributing thousands of FREE condoms to carnival revelers during the next two weeks.

The condom distribution campaign is to raise public awareness about the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) especially during the fun and abandon of the carnival festivities.


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TelEm Group Marketing & Sales Officer, Cheryl Rismay, says the company will be distributing thousands of individual pouches containing one condom each in the company’s new signature colour of red, during the company’s 1 Red Nation Reggae and Soca concert on April 26th and during other carnival events.

"As a responsible corporate citizen a public awareness campaign of this kind during carnival is a very worthwhile thing to do. We want everyone to enjoy carnival, but to also have a safe and healthy own with special emphasis on SAFE when it comes to protected sex," said Ms. Rismay.

Also for carnival this year, The Section General Public Health (GPH) from the Collective Preventive Services (CPS) calendar of health observations, is focusing on Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) during the month of April.

The group is reminding the community about preventing STIs, and making a health choice.

TelEm Group supports the group’s own message to carnival revelers, that they should have a safe carnival ensuring that they protect themselves and their partners.