Seven Ministries sent 2013 National Budget Discussion Document;

2013 Budget expected to go before Parliament on timeMinister of Finance Hon. Hiro Shigemoto announced over the weekend that the policy description 2013 National Budget was forwarded to all Secretary Generals of the seven ministries on Friday.


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Therefore, the process is now underway for the compilation of the 2013 National Budget for the country.

Secretary Generals have until mid-May to present their so-called "budget wish list," via their respective Minister who has to approve the submitted budget wish list to the Minister of Finance.

The Minister expects to send the draft budget to the Committee of Financial Supervision CFT and the Council of Advice by mid-July.

The Ministry of Finance and the CFT will work closely together from the end of May to mid-July in order to address any budgetary issues.

"The budget is an instrument of national development. Within that framework, it is a political tool, a tool also for socio-economic development and human development. I am very pleased that we are now at this stage and well on our way to presenting the budget within the legal timelines as noted in our budget preparation laws.

"The national budget is also an instrument of good governance, serving as an administrative tool as well as a performance measurement tool. I am looking forward to presenting another balanced country budget," Minister of Finance Hon. Hiro Shigemoto, said on Sunday.