Office of the Commissioner with responsibilities for Economic Affairs of the Public Entity of Saba

The Bottom, Saba: Commissioner with responsibilities for Economic Affairs, Mr. Christopher Johnson hereby informs the general public of Saba that the Department of Weights and Measures of the Government of Curacao will be paying a working visit to the island of Saba starting on April 15th until the 17th 2012.

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The Department will be conducting inspections and will be also engaged in regulating the use of correct weighing and measuring instruments at various establishments and to guarantee that exact weight, measure and number of any commodity will be provided to consumers. Our Bureau of Economic Affairs has prepared the list of names of establishments that will be inspected over the next two days.

The inspections and regulations are meant to safeguard and protect the consumer’s best interest.

Commissioner Johnson requests the kind cooperation of all establishments on the island of Saba that will be inspected during the two day period. Mr. Dave Levenstone of the Economic Affairs Bureau will accompany the two gentlemen while on island carrying out the inspections.