Job fair of Judicial Institute Dutch Caribbean, Friday April 27th 4 – 9 PM


Bo tin e talento, nos tin e trabou!

On Friday 27th April from 4 till 8 PM theJudicial Institute Dutch Caribbean (JICN) organises a job fair on Plenchi Energia, next to restaurant El Mundo. The job fair is the start of a campaign to recruit new employees for the judicial institute on Bonaire.

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The JICN location Bonaire currently has 76 detention spaces. Within a few years a new Judicial institute will be constructed at Plantashi Aruba which will offer space to 96 detainees. In anticipation of the new building the JICN is expanding on the current location. Therefore they are already recruiting a large number of new employees.

If you have the talent, we have the job!

Do you find it interesting to contribute to the security of the island? Are you looking for a diversified job? Employees and members of the management will give information on working at the judicial institute. You can ask people from the work floor about their experiences working at the institute and the career possibilities. Bring along your résumé, so you can apply immediately! In addition to the jobs and career possibilities, there is also music, prices and a good atmosphere.

Job opportunities

There are job opportunities for a.o. complex security (complexbeveiligers) and penitentiary institute employees (penitentiair inrichtingswerkers/PIW-ers) As a complexbeveiliger you work on the Security department. The department takes care of the security of the institute and for the security of the personnel, the visitors and the detainees. As a complexbeveiliger you are also responsible for taking care at the police cells As Penitentiair Inrichtingswerker you are responsible for the daily care, custody and security of the detainees. Visit the job fair for more information of these jobs.