Minister Meyers has fruitful meeting with Taxi Associations;Follow-up meeting scheduled for thisweek

Minister of Tourism & Economic Affairs Hon. Franklin Meyers recently met with several Taxi Associations with respect to the current state of affairs regarding public transportation.

Ministers Meyers described the discussions as very fruitful and informative. The Taxi Associations were informed about the Ministers plan of approach to update and enhance the public transportation system in the country.

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Various ordinances, decrees and other legislation governing public transportation is being reviewed and revised to accommodate and govern the public transportation needs in the 21st century.

A follow-up meeting is tentatively set with the Taxi Associations and the Minister for April 13 where the associations have the opportunity to bring forward their particular visions about their area of expertise and service.

The Taxi Associations also received information about short, mid and long-term solutions to current challenges that the sector is being confronted with.

"The meeting was a success and I look forward to the follow-up discussions in finding solutions to a number of areas and issues that our Taxi drivers are confronting. We are here to work together.

"My Ministry had the opportunity to inform the Taxi Associations who are very important stakeholders in the transportation sector about what we have been busy with since 10-10-10, and only through dialogue can we resolve the challenges that our country confronts in this specific field.

"We look forward to the follow-up meeting and working together to resolve matters that impact our Taxi driver’s," Minister of Tourism & Economic Affairs Hon. Franklin Meyers said on Tuesday.

The Taxi Associations that attended the meeting were: Airport Taxi Association (ATA), Dutch St. Maarten Taxi Association (DSTA), and Genesis.