Appeals Appeal and more Appeals

Member of Parliament George Pantophlet for the lack of a stronger word finds it totally ridiculous and a complete abuse of power that Simpson Bay Resort is appealing the verdict of the judge in the court in first instance.


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This will probably be the sixth time that this case is going to courts. But again the game is who has the deepest pockets. It reminds him of the person that came to his office inquiring what to do about an employer for whom they had worked 16 years. The judge ruled in the employee’s favor but was told by their employer and let me paraphrase, you will never get a cent I have more money than you, so take it to courts again. Almost 3 years have gone by and the employee has not received a penny. He understood that Simpson Bay Resorts plans to close the Resort on Saturday because they don’t have the money to pay. My question is have they presented any financial statements to the labor department or government detailing their financial situation? Are there taxes up to date? Have they not been paying third parties to work in the place of the displaced workers? Why don’t they tell the people of St. Maarten how much money they have to pay the workers in accordance with the collective labor agreement? The Member of Parliament suggests that they (Simpson Bay Resort) can look into their overseas accounts where they hold most of the funds generated on St. Maarten to pay what is owed to the workers. It is time government steps in on behalf of the workers of this Resort and the people of St. Maarten in general. They (Government) are the ones that issued the license to Simpson Bay Resort they are the ones that held on to the $1.2 million dollars transfer fee for months before actually depositing it. Appeal Appeals and more Appeals the Member of Parliament would truly like to know what it has cost the Unions and by extension the workers in legal fees. And just to be impartial also how much the Resort has paid in legal fees. Appeals, Appeals and more Appeals while the workers and their families are suffering. What a way to start your Easter Holidays.