Coast Guard rescues crashed pilots from sea

The Coast Guard Caribbean on Tuesday morning two crew of a twin-engine plane crashed saved. The plane, a Beechcraft carrying the pilot and co-pilot, was about twenty miles northeast of Aruba in trouble and had to make an emergency landing in the sea.


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The Rescue and Coordination Centre (RCC) of the Coast Guard was immediately alerted by Air Traffic Control Curaçao that a unit north of Aruba in trouble. Then are all available directly Coast Guard units, the Dash 8, cutter Jaguar, two of the fulcrum Superrhibs Aruba and the guard ship HMS Amsterdam and its onboard helicopter, alerted and deployed.

The station currently patrol vessel for the Coast Guard immediately launched and its board helicopter. From the RCC Curaçao, the units controlled the rescue operation and could quickly put in motion are in good agreement with the disaster of Aruba. The board Lynx helicopter crew brought the plane to safety after the crash by them from their life raft upward lift. The people were then on board the naval vessel and brought there for medical examinations.

They make for good conditions and with the Amsterdam Aruba securely deposited. The phone is some time later sunk. The Caribbean Coast Guard is responsible for the Search-and-Rescue around all the islands of the Kingdom in the Caribbean and also responsible for the coordination of Search-and-Rescue in a large part of the Caribbean.