In order to be able to adequately provide for Psychiatric care on St.Maarten it is necessary to know

In order to be able to adequately provide for Psychiatric care on St. Maarten it is necessary to know what the prevalent illnesses are. Knowledge helps us to know what type of care is necessary and most importantly how to prevent illnesses form occurring. Furthermore what measures should be taken to effectively and efficiently engage in dealing with the problems identified.


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Dr. Gandotra realized the need for such research when he entered into the service of the MHF. He is an experienced researcher and has many publications listed to his name in scientific literature globally.

Funding organizations have committed to grant funds for the research while government and local entities are being involved by requesting their support. So far all contacted are enthusiastic to enter into this project.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists Nicolas and Lisa Batson who studied at the AUC on St. Maarten and completed their Psychiatry specialization at the University of North Carolina and now working and living in Kentucky, have contacted the MHF to participate in and support the research as volunteers.

Their motivation to participate in the research is to obtain evidence based information regarding what works and what does not work with regards to:

Cultural diversity


Knowledge of what is happening in a multi cultural society on St. Maarten will support them in dealing with such issues in the US.

They are visiting St. Maarten for the first time after leaving 5 years ago and took this opportunity discussed at MHF the research program.