Get Healthy With TelEm Group Zumba Workout at Lions Club Health & Wellness Fair Saturday

TelEm Group is putting some Zumba swing into Saturday’s Lion’s Club Health and Wellness Fair at the Festival Village – with an invitation to everyone to come out and get fit.


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The telecommunication provider has recruited the assistance of Patty’s Zumba Center to give an hour-long Zumba workout at the start of the day-long health and wellness event.

The Zumba class is scheduled to begin at 9: 30 am, shortly after the official opening of the health fair itself.

Zumba coach, Patty, will be conducting the exercises sessions herself, promising easy routines for beginners and more strenuous routines for seasoned Zumba enthusiasts.

"It will be a great, fun workout to start the health-packed awareness day," said Manager, Marketing & Sales Mrs. Carmen Lake-Reyes.

Carmen is encouraging everyone to visit the TelEm Group tent where the Zumba session will take place, advising that they should be sure to dress up in red – the new official colours for TelEm Group – to make an impressive exercise showing.

For those without a T-shirt, TelEm says they can get one by getting a card stamped showing that they have taken three different tests. They can then redeem that card for a TelCell T-shirt and a TelCell pre-paid card.

The company is also encouraging its own staff and personnel to attend and to assist the various groups where necessary on the day.

Better health in the community is one of the focus areas for TelEm Group this year, hence the extra support for the Lions Club 4th Annual Health and Wellness Fair.

The day-long event will feature a host of free health tests from different organizations along with the distribution of important health information and the latest health tips for the general public.

Visitors to the Lions Club Health & Wellness Fair can expect:

· Various tests for diabetes.

· HIV testing.

· Vaccination for children (0-17 years)

· Physical exercises

· Body fat measurement.

There will also be information and advice on:

· Therapy awareness

· Special learning disabilities.

· Mental health.

· Breast cancer.

· Dental hygiene

· Other general health topics


The Lions Club 4th Annual Health and Wellness Fair starts at 9:00 in the morning and continues until 4:00pm in the afternoon on Saturday, March 24th 2012. All are welcome.