Inspection Department for Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (TEZVT) offering various services

The Inspection Department TEZVT – Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (LVV), a subsection within the Section Economic Controls of the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Traffic and Telecommunication, is playing an important role in the agricultural, livestock, and fisheries development of Sint Maarten.

The Inspection Department TEZVT is a subsection within the Section Economic Controls of the Inspection Department of the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Traffic and Telecommunications.

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Established October 10, 2010 the Inspection Department TEZVT – LVV has a role in protecting the territorial integrity of the country from invasions by agricultural, livestock, or fisheries pests through the implementation of policies and legislation geared towards ensuring that products imported into the country do not pose threats to economic and social development. It will work with other Government agencies and neighboring islands and territories with respect to the importation or exportation of products and produce. Collaboration with regional and international organizations and partners in taking measures to protect the country, the region and the global community will also form part of its activities.

The Inspection Department TEZVT – LVV encourages farmers, livestock owners and operators within the fisheries sector to apply current technological parameters that will ensure them maximizing production with the view of getting local produce on the local and/or international market.

It will seek to ensure that local agricultural development gets the boost it requires to make a contribution to the economic development of the country while certifying that the final product on the table contributes to the general health and well-being of the consuming public. It will also respond to citizens’ concerns by way of complaints related to agricultural, livestock and fisheries.

The department is located at Zoutsteeg #3 in Philipsburg (in the same building with the Department of Permits and Licenses, in the alley with the Anglican Church, behind the Chamber of Commerce). Those requiring additional information can contact the department at 542-2986 or 543-7820.