Fire Brigade completes first series of fire prevention controls on Saba for 2012


This week the Fire Brigade on Saba has completed the first series of prevention controls on private business planned for 2012. The inspections, which formed part of a joint effort between the Fire Brigade, the Saba Police and the Saba Health Department, started on Monday March 5th and was completed on Wednesday March 7th . The overall objective of these inspections serves to help ensure reasonable life safety conditions within businesses operating on the island.


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Annually the Fire Brigade will carry out this type of prevention controls two times. The inspection entails checking of fire extinguishers, exists, gas lines and all types of hazardous materials. The Fire Brigade on Saba stresses the importance of fire inspections. "Fire inspections are very important for businesses and patrons alike because this is one of the most important non fire fighting activities. This exercise permits the department to make great strides in saving lives, minimizing damage and protecting property through prevention and education", says Julio Every, Local Commander of the Fire Brigade on Saba. 

During the three days of fire prevention inspections some 37 businesses, mainly restaurant establishments, were inspected by the three aforementioned agencies. Most of the businesses inspected were already inspected during a similar inspection last year. The next inspection will be carried out before the end of the year to ensure the advice and instructions provided businesses are adhered to.