Students Visit Waste Sorting Center On French Side

Over 30 students from the St.Maarten Academy school and their teachers were taken on a field trip to the Decheterie (waste sorting center) in Galisbay Saint Martin.


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The field trip was organized by the St.Maarten PRIDE foundation and EPIC as part of the foundations educational component on solid waste issues. The decheterie is a drive through center where french side residents can drop off their waste in specially marked containers. Students learned about sorting their waste and practicing responsible waste management. Manager at the center Anthony LeFur gave a full length explanation on how the center depends on residents to drop off their small and large waste into the bins, when full, his team them takes the waste to the landfill in French Cul de Sac for further separation. Much of the waste collected such as cardboard, plastic bottles, household waste like refrigerators, stoves, and the E-trash like computer monitors, cellular phones, small batteries and car batteries are sent to recycling facilities off island.

The waste sorting center also has specially designed bins for old paints, solvents, aerosol cans, used cooking oil and used motor/engine oil.

The entrance is free for all French side residents.

LeFur explained that waste cardboard and plastic bottles from bottled water are brought to the center in great quantities, they are easily recyclable as recycling companies overseas are interested in this waste.

Since the decheterie is subsidized by the French government, it is open to French side residents only.

Students and teachers were much surprised by the centers efficiency, no smell, no eye sore, as one would expect from a waste collection site. St.Maarten PRIDE foundation thanks Ambassador of waste Ms.Nicole Piper for her assistance in making the arrangements for this field trip.