Weather station ship in Caribbean


There is another station of the Royal Navy ship in the Caribbean. This morning was HMS Amsterdam in the port of Curacao. For the last time with the Lynx helicopter as a board.


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As usual, this entry was supported by the traditional ceremony that the Navy performs when the station ship for the first time the port of an inland island Kingdom. In total, the ship fired 21 shots to salute the flag kingdom and the Governor of Curacao. This gun salute was fired from Fort Wavy Line answered. many experience HMS Amsterdam is no stranger to the Caribbean. In 2009 Amsterdam also enter the station ship in the Caribbean Sea. The crew has a lot of experience. In 2010 the ship conducted anti-piracy duties off Somalia and nearby several pirates. Safety on and from the sea For the last time accompanied by the Westland Lynx helicopter on board, this year in the Netherlands is replaced by the NH90 helicopter, the station will ship this period in the West commands the Naval Commander in the Caribbean and the Coast Guard Caribbean. By using the station ship like the Navy and Kuswacht safety and guarantees from the sea, including maritime counter drug operations. The ship can be turned in excellent relief operations possible. The Amsterdam is a equipment suppliers and therefore has all the facilities to support. In preparation for her show went down the ship and its crew an intensive opwerkprogramma. HMS Amsterdam remains about four months in the Caribbean.