Prime Minister Wescot to address how women influence

Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams will be in Curacao over the weekend and is one of the speakers at the 9th ‘About Women Conference,’ under the theme “About Women and Influence.”

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How does the scale tip? Are we mostly shaped by the influences around us or do we influence our surroundings more profoundly?
It is from this perspective that the Prime Minister will address the forum About Women and Influence on Saturday.
The Prime Minister is uniquely able to present her views from both sides of the fence; having grown up in challenging circumstances, very susceptible to a myriad of influences around her and during her later political career is considered a person of ‘great influence.’
How does one yield his or her influence? In responding to the question: ‘How will you engage the topic?’, the Prime Minister’s response was clear and straightforward.
“I don’t consider this lecture one in behavioral psychology. There are many experts much more apt at this. I look at the individuals who make up the sum “WOMEN” and I recognize that we are who we are because of influences in our life, yet at the same time, we have the power, yes, the power to influence lives so dramatically that we could collectively chart and change the course of entire societies.
“I recognize that this empowerment is not equally accessible all over the world, but the forum “About Women” allows us to examine our direct environments and thus become more conscious and aware that indeed ‘it starts with me.’
“We are fortunate that in our small societies we have trailblazers and have accomplished in terms of gender advancements great strides. What are now the obstacles for us in this generation to conquer?,” Prime Minister Hon. Sarah Wescot-Williams said on Friday.