IND Open House Attracts 150 persons; Clients very satisfied with service

The Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND) is very pleased with the outcome of the Information Day at its Open House on 24 February.


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The information day attracted 150 persons of which 135 filled out the customer satisfaction survey. IND management is very pleased with the results of the survey which was very positive.

Questions posed to the information day attendees were: how do they rate the service received from the IND? How helpful was the staff? What is your level of satisfaction? How was the information brought forward to you?

The average score for services that the IND provides to the public was rated an 8.8; the average score for being helpful to the public was rated 8.9; overall satisfaction was 8.8; and for overall satisfaction of IND services and how clients received their information was rated with an average score of 9.0.

IND Management concludes that the average scores are very consistent and high, and when considered that it was a representative sample, the conclusion is, the public appreciates the services of the IND which is good to very good.

Two recommendations that the IND will work on based on the survey are to hold additional information sessions and to reduce as much as possible the waiting time for services. This may be done by adding more helpdesks.

During the information day IND staff was available to answer questions and provide brochures to those that visited and they also heard about the future plans for the department.

IND is currently in the process of preparing itself to be able to offer additional and improved services required by country Sint Maarten where it relates to admittance, border and territorial control.

The three main areas when carrying out its work are transparency, consistency and customer friendly service.