Vice Prime Minister calls on Middle Region & Defiance Residents to Support Community Council


The Middle Region and Defiance Community Council has approved its 2012 calendar of activities and plans on carrying out its programme in its entirety, which can only be possible with the cooperation of the residents of the district.

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Vice Prime Minister Hon. Theo Heyliger says that a district community cannot grow in a holistic manner without the support and contributions of its members who make up that respective community.
Heyliger is appealing to residents of Middle Region and Defiance to lend a hand and volunteer their time in helping to develop their community by working with their Community Council.
The Council under the leadership of its President Lenny Priest has held several meetings with residents throughout 2011 to learn and understand the issues affecting the community.
Priest in a media statement stated that participation in the council was for all residents in the area, and even though the board consists of seven members, alone they will not be able to execute the programmes, but together as a community they can move mountains.
“Government realizes the importance of community development, and major investments have been made over the years, and continue to be made in our community districts.
“We are currently busy in the Belvedere, Dutch Quarter, Defiance and Middle Region areas with infrastructure improvement projects that tackle raw sewage issues as well as flood water drainage systems.
“I commend the efforts of the Middle Region and Defiance Community Council for their efforts and hard work and I appeal to the community to come out and lend a hand in developing your home district.
“It is a district where your kids play and where you hang out with family and friends. Every member of a community has a stake in that neighbourhood.
“Community councils do important work representing the views and needs of communities. Their work is vital, and they rely upon the work of volunteers, and therefore, I call on our community districts to get involved with their community councils,” Vice Prime Minister Hon. Theo Heyliger said on Sunday.
Heyliger is also Minister of Public Housing, Spatial Development, Environment and Infrastructure.