TelEm Group Management & Personnel Show United Front During Staff Retreat Friday


 TelEm Group management and personnel held a hugely successful Staff Retreat at the Divi Little Bay Resort, Friday – and came out armed with a new mission to make customer satisfaction their prime focus for 2012.

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Delivering an upbeat message to personnel to announce the company’s goals and mission for 2012, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Mrs. Helma Etnel, said much has been achieved in the past year. She says this year TelEm Group will continue to build on these achievements.
According to Mrs. Etnel, the company has gained the respect of major telecommunication companies throughout the Caribbean by rolling out St. Maarten’s latest and fastest voice and data 3G network without the kind of problems experience by other telecommunication companies have faced.
“We are a proud local company and we will continue to improve our service to customers and build on our local telecommunication heritage,” said Mrs. Etnel.
The CFO congratulated staff for their efforts and said a blaze of red t-shirts worn by staff as a show of support for their company is an indication that management and staff are on board when it comes to developing TelEm Group into the premier telecommunication company of St. Maarten, providing nothing less than world class service to all customers, whether they are residential or visiting customers.
“We have a new mission statement to guide us this year and we also will be focussing more on the color red to remind ourselves and our customers who we are and what we represent when it comes to providing excellent products to our customers,” continued Mrs. Etnel.
Chief Technical Officer, Mr. Eldert Louisa said although he was congratulated by the CFO for the successful 3G rollout among the outstanding achievements for the past year, the fact is the rollout would not have been possible at all without the team of engineers, technicians and administrative personnel who were assigned to the project.
“We had many projects to complete last year, now we will be working on making sure that now that these projects are online, they will be working optimally and will provide the quality of service that will make TelEm Group and St. Maarten proud,” said Mr. Louisa.
Mrs. Etnel said Chief Commercial Officer, Mr. Brian Mingo was currently on company business and could not attend the Retreat, however the commercial change that has already started at TelEm Group will continue during the coming year starting with new company colors.
Friday’s Staff Retreat also included a motivational pep-talk to staff by Drs. Ms. Anthea Guy, who is providing social guidance to management and staff to encourage better and more productive working relationships.
The Retreat also featured games and team-building exercises organized by staff themselves followed by a social gathering after work hours.
“I wish to thank the entire wonderful TelEm Group staff for their show of unity and love for their company at the Staff Retreat Friday,” said CFO Mrs Etnel, after the event.
“We sincerely appreciate the community of Sint Maarten so we have to not only provide the best products, but focus more on providing the best service for our customers this year – this is the main message of our Retreat moving forward,” said Mrs. Etnel.