Presentation On “What Anansi can Teach us” by Hillie Arduin & Mirto Laclé

Anansi the ages old spider still has an important message for us in the the 21st century . To demonstrate this Anansi expert Mr. Mirto Laclé and popular storyteller Hillie Arduin will team up on Friday February 24th for a unique presentation about Anansi folktales at the Library.


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Hillie Arduin is well known in the Netherlands Surinam and Curacao as a masterful storyteller, writer and trainer.

Mrs. Arduin makes use of Anansi stories for her educational workshops and counseling sessions .

As part of the presentation this Friday Hillie will perform one of her famous Anansi stories.

Drs. Mirto Laclé a linguist, researcher and expert on Anansi stories from Aruba will highlight the cultural and historical importance of Anansi-folktales.

This special presentation will be held on Friday February 24th between 5.30 and 7.00 pm at the Philipsburg Jubilee library.

Come to the library this Friday to hear what Anansi has to tell us!