PJIAE to investigate latest SOL fuel stock-out

Managing Director reiterates need for performance standards


The Princess Juliana International Airport operating company (PJIAE) is to investigate the latest fuel stock-out that affected several airlines Saturday.


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According to Larry Donker, PJIA Director of Operations, "PJIAE maintains close contact with SOL and moreover was informed via e-mail on Friday, February 17, 2012, at 3:39 PM, of normal operations to be maintained throughout the weekend. Needless to say the stock-out which occurred was a total surprise to us and the airport community."

"PJIAE was totally surprised by this sudden information and event which negatively affected the airport community operation, not to mention our mutual customers," Donker stressed.

Calling the situation "stressful," the Director of Operations further explained that "SOL received a fuel tanker on Saturday and the fuel sample was delivered to Antigua during the early evening for certification."

"This fuel was certified at approximately 2 AM, early Sunday morning, after which fuel was being delivered to PJIA depot. Normal fueling operation is expected throughout the day," said Donker.

PJIAE Managing Director, Regina Labega, who is currently attending an airlines’ conference in The Bahamas, joined Donker in extending her appreciation to all airport partners for their support and patience.

This latest incident, she pointed out, "certainly exemplifies the need for performance standards," which she had called for when a similar situation occurred last month when SOL experienced difficulties in supplying the necessary jet fuel to its depot at the airport.