Exchange of knowledge and transition term Kadaster Bonaire

On February 14th, 2012 a convenant was signed by the chairman of the board mrs. Burmanje of the Dutch Kadaster (land registry), Inspector General mrs. J. Thunnissen, managing director of Kadaster Bonaire R. Holder and commissionar B. El Hage. The convenant regulates amongst others the cooperation between the parties involved and is the basis for further development of the Kadaster Bonaire. 

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The signing of this convenant is important as a start of the period of knowledge exchange and transition. Herewith Bonaire can set an example for the Caribbean area. The employees of Kadaster Bonaire are now employed by the Rijksdienst Dutch Caribbean.

The Ministery of Infrastructure and Environment, the Dutch Kadaster, Kadaster Bonaire and the locale authorities agreed that the tasks regarding land registry on Bonaire should be carried out in a different way after 10-10-10. For that reason a start was made in the exchange of knowledge and a transition period, that has to lead to a higher level for Kadaster Bonaire. Eventually the Dutch Kadaster will be responsible for the land registry tasks on Bonaire.


During her visit to Bonaire mrs. Burmanje got acquainted with Kadaster Bonaire and various stakeholders. They discussed the way Kadaster Bonaire works en how the exchange of knowledge can take place. In mid-March all parties involved will meet again and the transition process will be carried out.