Social Services at Community Helpdesk

The Community Helpdesk in St. Peters is open daily, with Social Services being offered by a case worker from 9AM-1PM. The location of the Community Helpdesk in St. Peters is the Rupert Maynard Community Center on St. Peters main road, and can be reached at telephone numbers 548-4633 or 548-4634. Official opening hours at the Community Helpdesk is 8:30AM-5PM, but closed on Tuesday afternoons for training sessions of the staff.

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Minister of Public Health, Social Development & Labor, Cornelius de Weever is encouraging the residents of St. Peters to make use of the services being provided at the Community Helpdesk from the Department of Social Services.

The Community Helpdesk in St. Peters is there to serve the residents of those areas with Social Services, as it relates to Financial Aid, Medical Aid, Legal Aid and any other services the Department of Social Services has to offer. The purpose of the Community Helpdesk will be to reach out to the residents in those particular neighborhoods and assist them by giving information on services offered at the Ministry of Public Health Social Development & Labor.

According to Mark Schloss, Head of the Department of Social Services, they are also offering counseling to clients that need the service. "Persons that are facing psycho-social problems can make an appointment to see the social worker for counseling regarding problems they are facing," said Schloss.

The social worker and the case worker will work together to try and solve whatever problem the client might be facing, and house visits are usually done to become familiar with the situation at home as a means of getting a concrete picture of the conditions.

"With the various entities working together through the Integrated Neighborhood Development program at the Community Helpdesk the capacity is there to help more persons. In this approach no one is working separate from each other," Schloss stated.