Armed robbery/Suspect resists arrest and attacks officer

On Thursday February 2nd at approximately 07.10 p.m. a patrol from the Zero-Tolerance Team responded to an armed robbery at Samuel Food Market in Sint Peters which had taken place shortly before.


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On the scene the investigating officers learnt that an unknown young man armed with a silver colored gun had entered the supermarket and while threatening the cashier stole all the money from the cash register. A complete description of the suspect was given to the officers on the
scene. While conducting a search in the area, the patrol spotted a young man walking who fit the description of the suspect of the robbery in question. The patrol approached this possible suspect in order for him to identify him self.
The suspect was asked to identify him self, however he immediately refused to cooperate with officers. During his arrest the suspect resisted heavily. The officers however succeeded in arresting the suspect. During a search of the suspect a large kitchen knife was found hidden under his shirt. This knife was confiscated for further investigation. While being processed at the Philipsburg Police Station the suspect continued refusing to cooperate with the investigating officers and attacked one of the officers with a chair. The suspect with initials D.D. (22) from Jamaica was immediately restrained and put in a holding cell to calm down and where he will be held for further investigation.