Helping Hands Foundation and the St. Maarten Housing Development Foundation


To mark its 15th anniversary and establishing one of its strategic goals to expand the service of Helping Hands Foundation, to include the clients of the St. Maarten Housing Development Foundation, the HHF and SMHDF signed a Memorandum of Understanding which provided the purpose and clearly identified the responsibilities of each party.

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In the MOU, the HHF Foundation agreed to

· Enhance the mobility of the SMHDF Elderly and Disabled Clients

· Increase the opportunity to attend activities with the other Elderly

· Reduce cost in transport and ability to enjoy other benefits for those disabled and over 60

· Provide opportunity for better health care

· Become more independent in moving around and not be dependent on anyone

The SMHDF on the other hand committed to

· Support the HHF morally and comply with the MOU

· Promote HHF services to clients

· Sponsor when necessary clients who are in dire need to be transported

· Evaluate the HHF services on a quarterly basis

The Funding for this project has been provided by AMFO. The HHF, which celebrates 15 years existence this year, plans to mark this celebration with many events, which will honor our Elderly. AMFO has been loyal to HHF for many years and HHF is thankful for the many grants they have received which have kept the HHF in existence thus far. Thank you AMFO!

The SMHDF will immediately provide the HHF with an additional 40 plus clients who will need transportation for medical purposes, recreation, bill payments, groceries and other tasks the clients might prefer. The SMHDF just last year celebrated its 15th anniversary as well and now supervises some 745 homes in various locations on St. Maarten