Was it Planned?

Member of Parliament George Pantophlet said that the no-show of the members of the coalition is evidence that there is dissent within their ranks. The issue of Mr. Jules being Member of Parliament and at the same time General Manager of Simpson Bay Resorts although not illegal is an apparent conflict of interest and appears to be weighing heavily on the minds and conscience of his colleagues.

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There seem to be talks within his camp that he has on numerous occasions been asked to resign as a Member of Parliament and refused to do so. On the television program aired on Monday last when confronted by the host, he made it plain that he will be holding on to the two positions. The Member of Parliament said he does not need to remind Mr. Jules James of article 56 of the Constitution of Sint Maarten the last paragraph which reads as follows: "I swear (promise) allegiance to the King and the Constitution of the Kingdom, that I shall always help to uphold the Constitution of Sint Maarten and that I shall champion the interests of Sint Maarten to the best of my ability. So help me Almighty God". Therefore in whose interests is he maintaining both positions? As a Member of Parliament we are supposed to be the representatives of the people who have elected us, we are supposed to be their mouth piece, their defenders. This is not what is happening with this Member of Parliament but quite the opposite. On another note, interesting but not surprising to the Member of Parliament George Pantophlet was the relaxed demeanor displayed by the President of Parliament Gracita Arindell while waiting to commence the meeting. The President is one who is normally fidgety and overexcited if the Members did not sign the attendance list fast enough and the gesture such as pointing at her watch has become the order of the day. While the President of Parliament should be impartial the very fact that it is someone appointed from the midst of a political party leaves room for party politics. And that is exactly what took place on Monday. A blind man could see that the President of Parliament was informed as to what was happening. There is no doubt as to who is in charge and that delay strategy was applied on Monday. He will see what happens in the next meeting but is still asking the question, was it Planned?