Man shot in leg during armed robbery

On Monday, January 23rd, at around 09.15 p.m. police patrols, Detectives, Forensic Department and Ambulance Department were directed to Geo Villa’s on the Guana Bay road, where a man had been shot during an armed robbery. On the scene the investigating officers encountered the victims with the initials H.J.C and S.M.

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The male victim stated that he, his girlfriend and child had just reached home when they were
suddenly attacked by three unknown masked and armed men. They were forced into their home where the robbers demanded money from them. After being robbed of a small amount of cash the robbers demanded more
money at which the time victim H.J.C. was shot in his right leg and the S.M. was struck in her head with the butt of a gun. After committing their act the robbers fled the scene on foot. The victims were treated on the scene by paramedics and the H.J.C. was transported to the Sint Maarten Medical center for further medical treatment and
where he remains for observation. The scene was closed off and the Forensic Department began their investigation by collecting evidence.A search of the vicinity for the suspect did not have any positive results. The Detectives are busy questioning potential witnesses. This investigation is ongoing.