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Government outlines solutions in letter to Permanent Committees of 1st and 2nd Chambers.

The Executive Council of the Public Entity of Saba has sent a list of Execution Points on what could be done to alleviate negative effects since 10-10-10 to the Permanent Committees on Kingdom Relations of the First and Second Chambers that visited the island on January 7th . The recommendations are based on what the Executive Council believes has most negatively affected the residents of Saba since 10-10-10, and what should be given the highest priority.

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In the area of taxes, the Executive Council recommends that the ABB be reduced to 4% percent "across the board". It is further requested that the ABB on the shipping costs and on milk, fruits and vegetables be removed. As for the vastgoedbelasting (Real Estate Taxes), the government requested that the tax only be applied on businesses that are valued at more than 2 million dollars.

In the letter the Executive Council also raises issues related to the transfer agreement with GEBE, the relocation of the power plant and the underground cabling project.

In the area of Health Care, special attention is requested for an analysis of the current medication list and the daily allowance received by persons who need to travel abroad for medical treatment.

Other issues brought forward in the letter deal with the functioning of the Immigration Department (IND) with regards to persons who are having problems obtaining working permits, permanent residency etc. The problem regarding the issuing of Visas, a request has been made that this should be done by the RCN so that the overall procedure can be improved.

Attention was also given to the level of the Vrije Uitkering. The Council requests that the Free Allowance be indexed based on the local inflation and not that of the Netherlands. It further goes on to suggest that the findings in the reports initiated by BZK, namely the Brinkman Report and now the draft Referentie Kader be honoured.

Lastly, the high cost of interisland travel was suggested as a bottleneck.

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